From the Pastor's Desk

posted Apr 8, 2017, 11:33 AM by Sandra Green
                                                                            Easter, 2017
Dear Friends in Christ,
He is risen, Christ has risen indeed.  Throughout his ministry, Jesus would ask two questions.  The first of which is; who do you say I am?  The following question is; how do we respond to Jesus Christ?
Who do you say I am?  Let us remember that outside of Jesus Christ, God is totally unknown and inaccessible...for through Jesus, God's plan of redeeming, forgiving and restoring humanity is complete.
Jesus asks each one of us in the Christian are we to respond to this beautiful message?  As Christians, we are to unify and edify our faith, through the beautiful message of the gospel.
As we witness to our faith, we are assured that the Kingdom of God will be centered upon Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ shale rule in righteousness and equity and God will make known the knowledge of his word, to cover the whole earth, as the waters cover the sea.
Upon the shoulders of Jesus Christ, world government shall rest.  The name of Jesus shall be called wonderful counselor, the Prince of Peace, and our Lord and Savior.
Have a Blessed and Happy Easter.
Pastor Gary