Theme of the Week

 July 10 - 14  Picnic
Do you enjoy picnics?  Come join us for a week of fun picnic activities & stories and end the week with a real live picnic.

July 17 - 21  Ocean
Join us for ocean week as we make discoveries about fish and plant life that lives under the sea.  We will be making  an ocean snack and we will play under the sea at our water table.

July 24 - 28  Pirate Week
We'll have lots of fun reading about pirate adventures and treasures.  We'll have our own treasure hunt and find some pirate "booty".

July 31 - August 11 Camping Week
We'll have fun under the stars as we "camp" in our own tents and cook meals over a fire. and sleep in sleeping bags.  We'll be making s'mores and other fun treats.

August 14 - 18  Circus Week
We will have a great time under "The Big Top".  We'll do face painting and perform tricks in the three rings for our friends and teachers.  Can you smell the popcorn and taste the cotton candy?  What fun we're going to have!

August 21-25  Space Week
We will be learning all about life in space, what an astronaut is, how a rocket ship works. We may even take a trip to the moon to see the 'man in the moon".


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