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Pastor Anthony Vito Colangelo

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Pastor Anthony Vito Colangelo was appointed the 29th pastor in our congregation’s 165 years of worship. Married to his wife Natalie for 24 years, the couple serves as a ministry duo and has two sons. Pastor Anthony is in his 30th year of non-denominational ministry. He has taught Philosophy and Theology for 20 years and served as director of ministry for over eight years at one of Long Island’s most prestigious Christian High Schools. His extensive resume includes his seasonal blogs, "Come Pray with Me," and is a widely respected sought-after preacher. Pastoring, teaching and preaching, his dedication to his family and friends, his DJ business, and his interaction with students, has always been a vital source of God's unconditional love for him. "The Thief...Simply Grace" was his first venture into the realm of writing and will be followed by his next book in the Simply Series titled, "Peter...Simply Committed." Follow Pastor Vito's blog





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