A week with so many things I needed to accomplish

This week was a very busy week for me. A week with so many things I needed to accomplish. A week brought on by a goal I set for myself. Have your ever felt overwhelmed and under pressure? I guess we all have had that type of season. One thing though, although it was like a pressure cooker, the joy of the Lord always lifted me up, just at the right time. The joy I am speaking about doesn’t erase what needs to be done or what you are going through. It nevertheless brings a sense of peace…it may not erase the struggle but it fosters a different mindset; a mindset that shows we are never alone. That is the joy of Christmas. That is the joy of Immanuel…God is with us.
So when it seems like all the world is against you…know He is with you…Come and see how amazing this joy experience is.


Pastor Anthony Vito