“Where sin abounds...GRACE abounds more"

“Where sin abounds...GRACE abounds more"...Paul tells the Roman Church that Grace is a powerful gift. A gift given to us all...freely...as a result of our Lord's death and resurrection...Awesome... GOOD News...We are the recipients of the greatest gift...the gift of GRACE. In today’s Gospel Jesus is confronted by a legend of demons. His command to "come out of him" was received and the devils legend fled. Jesus then places them in the swine, who ultimately killed themselves. Our Gospel reveals the power of Jesus. That same power to fight off evil has been given to us with His gift of Grace. Yes we are in a spiritual battle...everyday...but the Good news is we through grace ultimately are victorious. We can walk with our heads high because we are filled with Grace and nothing...I mean nothing will ever separate us from the love and power of God. So this week when times may be difficult...remember you have all that you need. You are filled with HIS GRACE. Come & See the awesome power of our God who lives in you!


Pastor Anthony Vito